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Five books by Indra Vikram Singh published in 2011

A Maharaja’s Turf

Collector's edition on the platinum jubilee of the triumph of Maharaja Sir Vijaysinhji of Rajpipla in the Epsom Derby 1934

Published by Sporting Links
ISBN 978-81-901668-3-6, Fully Illustrated, 
Hardback 28 cm x 22.5 cm, 140 Pages 
Price Rupees 1995

The exhilarating triumph of Maharaja Sir Vijaysinhji of Rajpipla in the Epsom Derby of England in 1934, the only Indian owner ever to win the blue riband of the turf in its history dating back to 1780. The dapper Indian prince’s horse Windsor Lad left the hitherto undefeated favourite Colombo trailing in third place in the presence of royalty led by King George V and Queen Mary, and a multitude of an estimated quarter to half a million people on that damp afternoon of 6th June. This extensively researched story written by the Maharaja’s grandson, embellished with rare photographs, captures the era between the two World Wars, of imperial times and a royal lifestyle, also going back centuries into history, connecting the past and the present and depicting the march of time, even as the thrilling race remains the central theme.     

The Big Book of World Cup Cricket

A definitive, fully illustrated collector's edition showcasing all the cricket World Cup tournaments from 1975 to 2007, and previewing the ICC World Cup 2011

Published by Sporting Links
ISBN 978-81-901668-4-3, Fully Illustrated, 
Hardback 22.5 cm x 28 cm, 544 Pages 
Price Rupees 4000

This collector’s edition tells the tale of every cricket World Cup played from 1975 to 2007, and carries a preview of the 2011 tournament. Featured are classic matches, brilliant individual performances, the commercial facet, highlights and sidelights, drama and controversy, and the stars of the biggest event in One-day cricket, encompassed by photographs from the leading lensmen and agencies in the world. The statistics sections comprise a wide range of records, detailed scorecards of every match played, and averages of all the players who appeared in the first nine editions of the World Cup. A handwritten letter from the immortal Sir Donald Bradman received by the author in 1999 completes a treasure that should find a place on the bookshelf of every modern cricket-lover. A special 44-page colour supplement Crowning Glory published at the conclusion of the ICC World Cup 2011 is available complimentary with The Big Book of World Cup Cricket.    

The Little Big Book of World Cup Cricket 

A snapshot of the thrills and the stars, the highlights and the records of every cricket World Cup tournament from 1975 to 2007, with a preview of the ICC World Cup 2011

Published by Media Eight
ISBN 978-81-731422-0-8
Paperback 13 cm x 19.5 cm, 288 Pages
Price Rupees 295

A snapshot of the first nine cricket World Cups played between 1975 and 2007, this economy edition also carries a preview of the 2011 tournament. The book brings forth the thrilling matches, memorable individual performances, the legends of the premier event and the financial aspect. There are detailed batting, bowling and fielding records to keep the statistically inclined engrossed. It is a handy companion for all who have been transfixed by the spectacle of the cricket World Cup.

Don’s Century

Celebrating the life and cricket career of Sir Donald Bradman on his birth centenary, and a panorama of batting greats from the 1860s to present times 

Published by Sporting Links
ISBN 978-81-901668-5-0, Fully Illustrated, 
French Fold 21.5 cm x 28 cm, 188 Pages 
Price Rupees 995

Written in the centenary year of the peerless Don Bradman, the book takes a relook at his cricket career, relives the trial and tribulations of his personal life, and assesses the merits of other great batsmen from the 1860s to the present times. The questions still asked are: how great was Bradman actually, was he just a run-getting machine or was he truly the best there has ever been, have there been other batsmen as good or better than Bradman. Don’s Century analyses Bradman’s batting technique, brings forth his amazing achievements with the willow, aided by comments from the finest writers and players down the ages, supported by comprehensive statistics, and illustrated by classic photographs in sepia brown from the top agencies of the world. The panorama of batting presents many other legends from Grace, Ranji, Trumper and Hobbs to Richards, Tendulkar, Lara and Ponting, and so many more, focussing on their contribution, and in fact tracking the evolution of the game over the last century-and-a-half. The vicissitudes of Bradman’s own life, his persona and quest for excellence, the detractors, friends and family are all featured in this tribute to the unquestioned king of kings of the crease.   

Crowning Glory

Special supplement on India's victory in the ICC World Cup 2011

Published by Sporting Links
ISBN 978-81-901668-6-7, Fully Illustrated, 
Paperback 21.5 cm x 28 cm, 44 Pages
Price Rupees 200

The tenth edition of One-day cricket’s biggest show returned to the sub-continent for the third time. Never had the hosts won on home soil, but in 2011 the favourites India, despite a few stutters, jubilantly lifted the glittering ICC World Cup at Mumbai on 2nd April. This was not only the crowning glory for an Indian team that had striven hard to reach the no. 1 spot in Test cricket the previous year, but also the missing jewel in the amazing career of Sachin Tendulkar. It was a fairy-tale come true, the real significance of which will be understood in the years and decades to follow. Crowning Glory replays the highlights of the ICC World Cup 2011 and its stars, complete with colour photographs and records. This special supplement is also available complimentary with The Big Book of World Cup Cricket (ISBN 978-81-901668-4-3).    

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